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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


Where to get information about pregnancy?

If you are pregnant and you would like to have more information about being pregnant in the Netherlands, you can check the information is this brochure. Dr Burggraaff is supporting this info. Look here:


 Antibiotics and sinusitis

Most sinusitis seen by your family physician is due to a viral infection that will resolve on its own. Studies that compared antibiotics with placebo showed that, in most cases, symptoms improved within two weeks, regardless of whether the participant received an antibiotic or not. The review found that, in addition use of antibiotics was associated with patient-related adverse effects (e.g., skin rash, abdominal pain, vomiting). Backgroundinformation from sources doctor Burggraaff uses you will find here.


 My medical records

Your medical records are kept in de family practice of doctor Burggraaff. They are not stored outside his practice and are not accessible outside his practice. This way his data are not accumulated and much less a target for hackers.


Calculate my risks

Sometimes you like to have more control over your health by calculating your cardiovascular risks and know more about the backgrounds of your health. You can try this link to do this.



Every year doctor Burggraaff advises certain patients to get a flushot. If you are a diabetic, have COPD, hartfailure and/or other serious healthrelated problems, doctor Burggraaff would like you to get a flushot every year. Backgroundinformation you wil find here.

 How can I reduce the risk of cancer for me and my family?

  1. Do not smoke. Do not use any form of tobacco.
  2. Make your home is smoke-free. Support smoke-free policies in your workplace.
  3. Take action to get a healthy body weight.
  4. Be physically active in everyday life. Limit the time you spend sitting.
  5. Have a healthy diet: 
    • Eat plenty of whole grains, pulses, vegetables and fruits.
    • Limit high-calorie foods (foods high in sugar or fat) and avoid sugary drinks.
    • Avoid processed meat; limit red meat and foods high in salt.
  6. If you drink alcohol of any type, limit your intake. Not drinking alcohol is better for cancer prevention.
  7. Avoid too much sun, especially for children. Use sun protection. Do not use sunbeds.
  8. In the workplace, protect yourself against cancer-causing substances by following health
        and safety instructions.
  9. Find out if you are exposed to radiation from naturally high radon levels in your home.
        Take action to reduce high radon levels.
  10. For women: 
    • Breastfeeding reduces the mother’s cancer risk. If you can, breastfeed your baby.
    • Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) increases the risk of certain cancers. 
      Limit use of HRT.
  11. Ensure your children take part in vaccination programmes for: 
    • Hepatitis B (for newborns)
    • Human papillomavirus (HPV) (for girls).
  12. Take part in organised cancer screening programmes for: 
  • Bowel cancer (men and women)
  • Breast cancer (women)
  • Cervical cancer (women).

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