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Geopend op: maandag t/m vrijdag van 08:00u - 17:00u

Prepare your visit to the doctor

Visit your Family Physician

Prepare your visit to your Family Physician                                                           

 •Think in advance: What are my questions to the doctor? What do I expect? If you mention no more than your complaints, the doctor does not know your expectations.
•Try to answer these questions before you go to the doctor: Why am I going today, with this complaint, to this doctor? Am I going tot the doctor only because we have an appointment or do I have questions?

Be frank and fair

•Always be frank and fair. Do not exaggerate or minimize your complaints: incorrect information can result in incorrect treatment.                        

 •Be reasonable in your questions. Speak freely about what you expect from your doctor. Do not order your doctor. Irritation en uneasiness is uncomfortably for both sides. Your health will not benefit from this.  

Know your medication

•Know your medication (including OTC medication), which illnesses you have had and to which you are allergic.
•Please inform your physician, without being asked, about your foreign trips, hereditary diseases etc. Reflect on what is important information for your doctor before going to the appointment.                      

Don’t gather or accumulate questions and problems

 •Don’t accumulate questions. Notify your doctor at the start of your appointment that you have several questions. The doctor can try to fit these questions in one appointment. If need be: Schedule more than one appointment for your questions.                                                       

Tell your doctor right away, if you do not understand what is said

•Check if you understand the doctor correctly at the end of the appoinment..
•Keep in mind: The doctor is responsible for explaining. I am responsible for letting the doctor know, when I do not understand it.

Take someone along to the doctor’s office

•If necessary. Bring someone with you to the familypractice. Two can hear more than one!


When to call your doctor in your pregnancy?

Are you worried? Contact your family physician                                 

Mention your worries about your pregnancy or your unborn child to your doctor. Worries are always a reason to speak to your doctor. Better safe than sorry. If you don not understand the information given, tell your doctor about it. Let my assistent know that you are worried, when you call for an appointment.

Vaginal bleeding                                            

When you are bleeding vaginally, inform your family physician. When you loose tissue, take it to the family practice. The doctor will take a look at it.

Epigastric pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision and malaise.                                    

If your pregnancy is beyond 20 weeks and you have signs like: a headache that won’t go away, malaise, nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain, pain between the shoulderblades or oedema in face, hands en feet: Contact your family physician.

Is your baby moving less than usual?                                    

Is your baby moving much less than you are used to and your pregnancy is beyond 26 weeks?  No movements felt in the last 12 hours? Consult your family physician.

Not yet 37 weeks and pains come and go in your back or belly for hours?                                        

Not yet 37 weeks and regular pains come and go in your back or belly and last more than a couple of hours? Contact your family physician.

Breaking of waters                  

If your water is breaking (rupture of membranes) or you have fluid loss from your vagina: contact your family physician. A rupture of membranes can be a sign of the beginning of labour. Look at the colour of the fluid and see if there are clots in it. Your family physician will ask about it. If possible catch some fluid in a cup. Contact your family physician.




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