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H.B. Burggraaff verloskundige huisartspraktijk De Stethoscoop is geopend op:
maandag t/m vrijdag van 08:00u - 17:00u
Telefoonnummer: 0294412633
Geopend op: maandag t/m vrijdag van 08:00u - 17:00u

English speaking?


Welcome to the family practice of doctor Hans Burggraaff in Weesp!

In this family practice English is spoken, easily.Dokter Burggraaff in New Orleans
It comes with the doctors. We are happy to speak English with you. We like you to learn Dutch too!!!

San Antonio TX toren bij nachtDoctor Burggraaff visits the USA regularly.
He visited the Spring Conference of th Society of Teachers of Family Medicine in San Antonio Texas in may 2014. He is happy to visit the Assembly or FMX of the AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians) in the US every couple of years. Doctor Burggraaff visited the FMX in San Antonio 12-18 september 2017 and he visited the AAFP-Assembly in Philadelphia in october 2012 (picure below), the AAFP-assembly in Chicago in 2007, the AAFP-assembly in New Orleans (picture right) in 2002 the AAFP-assembly in Dallas Fort Worth in 2000 and the AAFP-assembly in Orlando in 1999.

  • In case of emergency. Are you in an emergency situation? Go here! 
  • You are pregnant and are looking for medical support? Go here!
  • What about housecalls? Does this family physican makes housecalls? Go here!
  • Looking at the costs of healthcare? Go here!
  • Would you like to consult a family physician? Go here!
  • End of life issues and the family physician? Go here!
  • What about my crying baby? Can I do something more about it? Go here!
  • You like more info about this familyphysician practice with OB? Go here: Information in English 
  • Would you like to register as a patient of Doctor Burggraaff? This is possible: If you live in the area of Weesp, Driemond and Nigtevecht you can register as a patiënt. Go here to register Hans Burggraaff, huisarts op bezoek in Philadelphia .
  • What about local hiostory? Interested or curious? Go to: Questions about the historic flag of Weesp? 


On this picture (taken during the Assembly in october 2012) you can see doctor Burggraaff in Philadelphia at the boarder of the Delaware River with behind him the Benjamin Franklin Bridge (completed in 1926) connecting Piladelphia Pensylvania with Camden New Jersey. You can see this bridge in the clip of Bruce Springsteen: The streets of Philadelphia.

Check this website or come visit us!


Family Physician Practice with OB

The practice of doctor Burggraaff is a family physicanpractice with OB.
That is to say: with obstetric care. Your pregnancy is checked in regular intervals by the doctor.
The delivery is guided by your family physician.
Afterwards the doctor visits you at home to check the baby and you.
Try it with your huisarts! He delivers well, or in Dutch: Dat bevalt goed!!!


Instructions regarding your pregnancy



Are you worried? Contact your family physician

Mention your worries about your pregnancy or your unborn child to your doctor. Worries are always a reason to speak to your doctor. Better safe than sorry. If you don not understand the information given, tell your doctor about it. Let my assistent know that you are worried, when you call for an appointment.


 Vaginal bleeding

When you are bleeding vaginally, inform your family physician. When you loose tissue, take it to the family practice. The doctor will take a look at it.



Sterretjes zien?

 Epigastric pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision and malaise.

If your pregnancy is beyond 20 weeks and you have signs like: a headache that won’t go away, malaise, nausea, vomiting, epigastric pain, pain between the shoulderblades or oedema in face, hands en feet: Contact your family physician.


Minder bewegen?

 Is your baby moving less than usual?

Is your baby moving much less than you are used to and your pregnancy is beyond 26 weeks?  No movements felt in the last 12 hours? Consult your family physician.



Buikpijnen komen en gaan?Do you have any abdominal pains?

Are you not yet 37 weeks pregnant and do you have any abdominal pains that are not helped by paracetamol or that last more than a couple of hours. Contact your family physician.




Waters breaking (ruptured membranes)?

If your waters is breaking (ruptured membranes) or any fluid loss is coming out of your vagina - please contact your family physician. Your waters may break at the beginning of labour or before the start of labour. Try to catch some of this water in a cup. Contact your doctor. He will ask for the colour and if you can see white clots in it.

The cartoons are drawn bij Gerrit de Jager. In the Netherlands he is famouw for his cartoons with the name Familie Doorzon (translation samething like: Family Average).

Choosing wisely

The family physicians in de Family Practice the Stethoscope in Weesp are strong supporters of Choosing Wisely. Choosing wisely is an initative of a great number of medical organisations in de US. The aim is - to put it simple - to be more costeffective in the medical industry. We all: patiënts, doctors and insurancecompagnies, are responsable for the costs of healthcare. Doctor Burggraaff is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, a partnerorganisitin of Choosing Wisely. A consumerhealthorganisation is also a strong advocate of Choosing Wisely. Check their website!

  Are your curious for more info? Check the Choosing Wisely Master List.

Physician ownded

The family physician practice of Doctor Burggraaff is physician owned. In the US family practices are not all owned by family physicians. The present situation is:

•    Employed by a hospital — 26 percent reported this in 2013, up by 6 percent from 2012.
•    Have ownership stake in a practice — 22 percent reported this in 2013, down by 1 percent from 2012
•    Have a solo practice — 15 percent reported this in 2013, down by 6 percent from 2013.
•    Works for physician-owned practice/has no ownership stake in a practice — 15 percent reported this in 2013, up by 3 percent from 2012.
•    Employed by practice that is owned by a hospital or health system — 14 percent reported this in 2013, down by 1 percent from 2012.
•    Is an independent contractor — 8 percent reported this in 2013, down by 1 percent from 2012.


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H.B. Burggraaff verloskundige huisartspraktijk De Stethoscoop

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